Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A first for MTV Reality TV - Plus Size Chelsea Settles

Let's hear it for the girls, the plus size girls!  In a bold move, MTV has cast Chelsea Settles in their newest show, aptly titled 'Chelsea Settles'.

Chelsea is 23 years old, and has always been inspired by the fashion industry, and a huge fan of Kim Kardashian.  So what is holding her back from going for her dreams?  Her size and her lack of confidence. With her bubbly personality, and gorgeous face, will she be able to win over the fashion industry?  And will she be able to tough it out with her trainer?

In a press release from MTV they said she will have "an opportunity to expand her social life by confronting the social phobias that have been holding her back," [She'll have a chance] to take control of her weight in an effort to get healthy."

Chelsea would look fabulous in many Sydney's Closet gowns, don't you agree? ;-)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sydney's Closet Debuts Plus Size Prom 2012 at Atlanta Apparel Mart

We recently debuted our Prom 2012 Collection of plus size dresses at the nation’s biggest Prom market at the Atlanta Apparel Mart.  The experience is unlike anything you can imagine unless you've been there!  The Mart has over 4,000 permanent showrooms, along with temporary showrooms, so there is never a shortage of things to look at.

At our showroom buyers from across the U.S. and around the world came to get a first look at Sydney’s Closet plus size dresses for Prom 2012!  It was great to see stores return who already carry our dresses, and to show them thru the new designs.  We were excited to also open up many new stores who will now be carrying Sydney's Closet!

The Fashion Team was tired but thrilled to open our showroom early and stay late to help everyone who wanted to buy our ball gowns, red-carpet formals and short Prom dresses.  Prints were a big hit, including a tie dye with a full skirt that’s very Retro!   The top selling long formal was an eye-catching limeade satin with a lace-up back and sweep train. Very red-carpet!

Special thanks to the Fashion Editors from Teen Prom and Seventeen Prom for visiting us!

Sneak a peek at fabulous plus size Prom dresses from Sydney's Closet coming to stores near you for Prom 2012.

Mary Jane from Sydney's Closet gives buyers at the Atlanta Prom Show a close up view of a new shimmer chiffon that is a big hit!

The ride up on the glass elevator at the Atlanta Apparel Mart gives buyers a great view of the circular hallways lined with showrooms.

Rachelle, Melinda and Roanna from TJ Formal in Joplin, MO pose for a photo after visiting our showroom in Atlanta.

What do  you think of our cute male model?

Thanks to (from left) Catherine, Cassey and Jane from Teen Prom magazine for visiting our showroom in Atlanta. We can't wait to see the Prom 2012 edition hitting newsstands in December!
Mary Jane and Phyllis are all smiles as they pack the collection after a super show showing Sydney's Closet Prom 2012 plus size dresses to buyers from around the world!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you stuck in a shopping habit routine for your clothes?

If you watch most people's shopping habits, they have a routine.  They go to one grocery store, one general store, or perhaps they go to a store that combines the two.  The same is often true for their clothes shopping.  

If you need a particular piece of clothing, do you automatically go to a familiar store?  If you do go to the familiar store, do you stick close to items or styles you've purchased in the past?  

What about you find yourself sticking to blacks or browns, solids?

We challenge you to step outside of the norm, and try something that inspires you due to color or design.  Let your comfort zone guard down and have fun!  You may be surprised by how great a new style or color looks on you...making you feel better on the inside as well!

And don't just stick to discount or clearance items.  Often if you spend a little more on a few key pieces you really like, that fit you well...they will soon become some of your favorite pieces, and you will love wearing them!  Plus you will realize the value for how often you wear these special, key pieces.

At Sydney's Closet, our Fashion Team strives to offer a great variety of dress styles and colors in Cocktail, Prom, Wedding, Bridesmaids and more!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sydney's Closet Fashion Team having a blast at Atlanta Apparel Mart

Fashion Team having a blast opening our showroom in Atlanta early – and staying late – to help
all the buyers who want to see Sydney’s Closet plus size Prom dresses for Prom 2012. We’re sooooo proud to be the only designer at the Atlanta Apparel Mart Prom 2012 Show dedicated exclusively to creating frocks that rock for teens with real curves in hard-to-find sizes 14 to 40!
Loved seeing our friends from Seventeen, Teen Prom and Teen Vogue prowling the market
in search of trendy Prom dresses that will end up on the pages of their big Prom editions that hit the newsstands in late December. Buyers loving our flowing chiffon print dresses and candy dishes piled with miniature chocolate bars!

If you’re at the show, please come see us in Showroom 10N302. Can’t make it to the show but want to become an authorized retailer of Sydney’s Closet? Call our world headquarters at 888.479.3639

Sydney's Closet at Prom and Bridal Show at the Atlanta Apparel Mart

Thanks to all the buyers from across the U.S. and around the world who visited us yesterday during  Preview Day of the big Prom and Bridal Show at the Atlanta Apparel Mart.  We were very busy in Room 10N302 having fun showing our Spring 2012 Collection of plus size dresses for Prom 2012, Bridal and Evening. The Fashion Team loved seeing our friends from stores that already carry Sydney’s Closet Signature Collection.

Buyers from TJ Formal in Joplin, MO got an extra big hug!  We were relieved to know that their huge store and homes escaped any damage from the deadly tornado.
We’re super excited to welcome stores from Mississippi, Indiana and Pennsylvania to our ever-growing list of retail partners authorized to carry our Signature Collections.
Of course it’s still too early in the show to pick the top sellers, but if Preview Day is any indication , style SC3028, a dreamy one-strap ball gown with beaded bodice and tulle skirt
layered in violet and blue is going to be a glam slam!  So will SC7048, a one-shoulder  A-line formal dress in an  attention-getting multi-color graphic print with a dramatic sweep skirt.
We re-open the showroom at 9 AM Wednesday when the five-day show officially starts.  If you’re in Atlanta, please come see us at the show!  We’d love to show you the line.

Monday, August 8, 2011

8 Dresses...$88 Each...8 Days...up to 70% off!

The Fashion Team has chosen some of our very popular dresses and gowns for our Crazy Eights Sale!  This is a great time to buy your Homecoming dress, Prom dress, Formal dress, or any special event you are planning on attending in the near future!  
Make A Splash
All About You

At First Sight

Secret Rendezvous

Beyond Words

Blossom Burst
Shades Of Color

Sweet Revenge

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Influences from William and Kate's Royal Wedding

There were many of us who sat and admired the beauty, elegance and charm of Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding.  Some watched for stars who were in attendance, while others for the feeling of magic with the horse drawn carriage and castle.  And many of us were also watching all the details of Kate's gown, veil, jewelry, flowers, and any other tiny detail that fascinated us.

While most of us cannot afford such an extravagant affair, we can take the details and create them in a more budget-friendly manner. Naturally, our Fashion Team adored Kate's wedding gown!  The beautiful lace overlay was softening, and elegant.  At Sydney's Closet we have choices that are similar with the lace overlay on the bodice.  Shown below is a long sleeve, matte satin gown, with lovely detailing on the bodice and skirt, which is carried over onto the lace sleeves.  Next is a matte satin strapless with a lace bolero included, with  the lace detailing carried onto the gown and onto the skirt also.  Finally we have a lace bolero sold separately to add over a strapless gown.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Facebook Reunites High School Prom Couple...True Love is Found

You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to fall head over heels for this true love story.

Kellie Crossen went to her Senior Prom at Fox High School in Jefferson County, Missouri with Terry Black.  After high school, the two went their separate ways. Several years later, Terry knocked on the door of her parents’ house.  He left after her Dad told Terry that Kellie had married. Terry also got married.  Years went by...Terry got divorced and so did Kellie.  

The Internet arrived and Terry started searching for Kellie. He found her on Facebook.  “I never forgot you”, he told her.  Terry pursued Kellie with an endless stream of flowers:  wildflowers, tropical flowers and 120 sweet baby roses in mixed colors.  Sometimes new bouquets arrived even before the old ones died. On Valentine’s Day 2011 he gave her a diamond necklace and matching stud earrings.  

Three decades after the couple danced at Prom, they will the knot on September 10th, 2011 at the Cave House in Bonne Terre, Missouri. We’re honored that Kellie found the wedding dress of her dreams at our flagship store in St. Louis.  Now we can’t wait to see the pictures of Kellie and Terry!