Friday, September 30, 2011

The Trend For Two, Even Three Wedding Dresses For The Big Day

The trend of having two wedding gowns for the big day is nothing new.  Quite often a Bride wants a more free-flowing gown for her dance the night away.  They second gown is sometimes also in a shorter style, and sometimes even a color other than white.

Most recently our Fashion Team saw Kim Kardashian's wedding nuptials, and the pictures that followed, which included 3 gowns from Vera Wang!  The gowns were defined as:  Nuptials / First Dance / Dance Reception.

Another celebrity will soon be following trend. It is rumored that Shannon Tweed has chosen three gowns for her long awaited wedding to KISS lead Gene Simmons.  Speculation is that all will be low cut, and contouring to the body. We will find out soon, as the wedding date is said to be Saturday, October 1st!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Queen (Latifah) is in the House!

Queen Latifah is an inspiration to many, for many reasons.  She is a Grammy Award winning singer, a Golden Globe & SAG Award winning actress, and is sure to win it big with her new fashion collection 'Queen Collection' on HSN - Home Shopping Network.  At Sydney's Closet we applaud her for being a confident, sophisticated role model to young girls and plus size ladies...and for her great fashion sense.

Our Fashion Team had great fun browsing thru the collection, and noted that most of the everyday wear items were under $100.  The designs are practical, quite stylish, with a sense of sophistication as well.  


Friday, September 23, 2011

A Twist on Bridesmaids Gowns - Varying Styles & Colors

Not only have Bridal Gowns evolved over the years, so have Bridesmaids Gowns.  And with even more creative thinking, the Bridal party is getting even more makeovers in styles and colors.  We've pulled together a few of the ideas we found, including the collective Bridesmaids styles in the hit movie 'Bridesmaids'.

Varieties include:
*same color / different style, same length 
*same color / different style, different lengths
*2 colors / same style
*multiple colors / same style
*multiple colors / different styles

Which is your favorite?



Monday, September 19, 2011

Bravo to Melissa McCarthy - Emmy Winner & Dress Designer!

Melissa McCarthy was radiant and beautiful at the Emmy Awards last night!  And that was even before she won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy Series! 

Her deep purple dress looked regal, and draped her body in just the right way, with a tasteful dip in the front for a V-neck opening.  In a phone call to The Ellen Show today she said she helped design her dress with designer Daniella Pearl.  In UsWeekly she is quoted as saying she didn't find anything out there she liked.  The Fashion Team at Sydney's Closet would have loved to outfit her with a gorgeous gown :-)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sydney’s Closet is a Fashion Fairy Godmother

Special thanks to Carol from Georgia for sending us this thoughtful and sweet note after she bought “Meant to Be Noticed, our bestselling short sleeve formal dress in flowing chiffon. It’s great to know that Sydney’s Closet is a Fashion Fairy Godmother who makes dreams come true for Princesses! Now we can’t wait to see pictures of Carol looking glam on the high seas!  

Dear Sydney,

This is a BEAUTIFUL dress, and I was looking forward to wearing it on our cruise in October. How disappointed I was to find that while it zipped close, it was somewhat tight through the mid section. I kept looking at other web sites and at Sydney's Closet  for a larger size in black, but was so disappointed to not find anything.  

Then today, the sun shown!!! Just like magic the size appeared on the website and when I called and spoke to the representative, she assured me it was in stock and she would reserve it pending the return enclosed.

I cannot express to you how happy I am at this moment and how disappointed I was when I could not find a replacement size.  Your company and that dress have made me feel like a princess; although a large one, still very much a princess.

This will be a fantastic and once in a lifetime cruise and Sydney’s Closet has made it possible.
I will always be in your debt.

Thank you all,

Carol from Georgia

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Which Celeb From Cast Of TLC’s ‘Big Sexy’ Would You Most Like to Meet?

TLC’s Big Sexy cast members from left, Nikki Gomez, Heather Roach, Audrey Lea Curry, Leslie Medlik and Tiffany Bank are seen with Lane Bryant Technical Design Director Richard Zielinski - via Daily Venus Diva 
When we read the Sept 11 post on Daily Venus Diva, and saw the picture, our first thought was "Wow, they all look like fun ladies!"  And of course the Sydney's Closet Fashion Team started picturing each of them in our gowns :-)

Which cast member would you most like to meet?

Nikki Gomez - Model, Photographer and Stylist.
Heather Roach - Business Owner, Personal Shopper, Stylist, and Wardrobe Consultant.
Audrey Lea Curry - Makeup Artist, Fashion Designer, Fine Artist, Stylist and Model
Leslie Medlik - Stylist, Personal Shopper, Wardrobe Consultant
Tiffany Bank - Model, Actress, Host, Writer, Producer

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting Married - the Kardashian Style

By now most of us have seen the photos of Kim Kardashian's wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses and the Mother-of-the-Bride's dress.  Let's chat!

What did you think of Vera Wang's Princess Look Wedding Dress that Kim wore, with the full tulle ballgown skirt, basque waist and lace appliqué?  And what about her 65-Carat Diamond head band?  One could consider it a nice alternative to a tiara, or a throw-back to the 80's.

In a rather unique change of custom, the bridesmaids and Mother wore Ivory.  Maybe it was Kim's way of making her family feel all-inclusive in her special day.  Or it was an attempt to stay as close as possible to the Black and White theme.

Finally,with regards to the very large bow on the front of her Mom, Kris's dress.  She is a stunningly beautiful woman, with a fabulous curvy body...she certainly didn't need the bow to detract or hide anything.  A smaller bow, if any, would have been better.

Overall the event was truly beautiful, including the gowns.  It was classy, but light hearted, and full of smiles.  And if anyone stole a bit of the day away from Kim, it was her adorable nephew, the Ring Bearer :-)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From Missouri to Canada...Sydney's Closet Sizes Up Glamour

Special thanks to Patti S., from Canada for sending us this kind and oh-so complimentary email.  It means the world to all of us on the Fashion Team here at our headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri to know that we have Happy Customers around the world!  Now we can’t wait to see pictures of Patti looking glam in a party dress  from Sydney’s Closet. And the Fashion Team looks forward to helping her size up glamour for many more special occasions.

Dear Sydney,

I ordered a dress that was shipped August 25 or 26, and it is August 31st and I am WEARING IT! Please accept my thank you for your superb customer service.  I live in the North West of Canada, in a small town, and allowed more than a month for the dress to arrive, as it can sometimes take a very long time to receive items in this region.  I bought the dress for an event that is over 6 weeks away, and actually thought the dress would be a size or two too small (it was on sale, but not my size, but I ordered it anyway). I am delighted. 

Thank you so much!

Patti from Alberta, Canada

Saturday, September 3, 2011

As Seen in USA Today - Sydney's Closet Dress Giveaway

Animal Magnetism

Sydney's Closet Style SC7041
Available Nov 1, 2011
In a stunning 24 page special edition supplement, Media Planet showcases the beautiful faces and styles of the plus size community.  Featured on the cover are the gorgeous plus size models Tara Lynn, Marquita Pring, and Candice Huffine.  Gwendolyn L. DeVoe (Creative and Executive Producer of Full Figured Fashion Week) says, "We love the skin that we are in right now and challenge retailers and designers to step up to the plate to bring us more fashion choices that work for our various lifestyles."

That's exactly what Sydney's Closet does for you - we size up glamour!  We offer a large selection of gowns to suit any special occasion you are attending.  Think prom, homecoming, wedding, cocktail and more!

 Sydney's Closet is proud to team up with Media Planet USA for the Great Glamorous Evening Gown Giveaway!  Enter now for your chance to win the dress of your dreams...drawing will be done Oct 1, 2011.
Entry form on MediaPlanet USA's Facebook Page - Sweepstakes Tab